We Care for Credit Unions


"We Care" is an alliance of small Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs). Founded in August 2010, "We Care" has now grown to include over 30 New York Metropolitan area Credit Unions. Founders include: Matthew E. De-Bique, Joy Cousminer, Napoleon Cockern, Fred Fernandez, Gigi Porcelli, Elsa Simo and Tom Wernham.Their enthusiasm has reverberated throughout the city raising awareness and progressively reinvigorating a movement.

Many of these CDCUs are facing forced merger or failure due to the current economic situation and regulations imposed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The Credit Unions provide affordable financial services that subsequently aid the development of these low income areas. The objective of the "We Care" initiative is to protect each member Credit Union and the beneficiary services they respectively provide.

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